Online Dispute Resolution - Justice Re-Imagined June 27th/28th, 2018

A major international conference on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) will be held in Liverpool on the 27th/28th June, 2018. Speakers at “Online Dispute Resolution-Justice Re-Imagined” will include Lord Briggs, Justice of the Supreme Court, whose Report last year directly led to the building of the newly opened online court; Kerry Greenidge, Acting Manager of the online court project; Joshua Rozenberg, the well known broadcaster on the law; Colin Rule, the former Head of ODR at eBay and PayPal and now Vice-President at Tyler Technologies (leading provider of technology to the courts); Professor Ethan Katsh, Head of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts; Paul Embley, Head of the Technology Division of the US National Center for State Courts, as well as speakers from smart contract developer Mattereum and others on smart contracts and blockchain technology. For the full list of speakers and panel discussions go to

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