Nov 2007

Call for Participation: Jurix 2007

The twentieth Jurix conference will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands, December 12-15, 2007. Topics of the conference include legal ontologies, legal argumentation, multilingual legislative drafting, legal XML standards, online dispute resolution, etc. There will also be several workshops and tutorials, on modelling legal cases, multimedia ontologies, access to justice, legislative XML, and technology-enhanced dispute resolution. See the conference web site for information about how to register.

Spanish Book Series on Law, Science and Technology

A new series of books on law, science and technology, in Spanish, was recently announced by Ramon López de Mántaras in Madrid (Residencia de Estudiantes) and in Barcelona (Institut d'Estudis Catalans). The first volume is a Spanish translation of Herbert Simon's "The Sciences of the Artificial". A second volume, on cognitive science and social networks, entitled "Interracion, Redes Sociales y Ciencias Cognitivas", by Carlos Lozares Colina, has also been published.

Postdoc Position Available in Barcelona

The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) has announced the availability of a two-year postdoctoral research grant in the Department of Political Science and Public Law. Eligible candidates are persons who have received a PhD from a university other than the UAB after 1 July 1998 as well as holders of a PhD received from the UAB after 1 July 1998 who have had a minimum of two years experience in a postdoctoral research position at some other university of research center. The grants last a total of 2 years and cannot be renewed. The position begins during the first four-months of 2008. The grant amount i 24,750 Euros (gross) per year. Deadline: Applications must be submitted by to November 2, 2007. See the website of the Institute of Law and Technology at UAB for contact information and further details.

Norm Change Workshop – Call for Participation

The Workshop on Formal Models of Norm Change will take place at the University of Luxembourg from November 29-30, 2007. Formal models of norm change have been drawing attention since the seminal works of Alchourrón and Bulygin on normative systems, and that of Alchourrón, Gärdenfors and Makinson on the logic of theory change. In order to represent the dynamics of obligations and permissions, several deontic logics have been proposed. However, these systems did not explicitly refer to possible changes in the underlying norms - if norms were mentioned, they were assumed to be invariable. See the Call for Participation for further information.