3rd International Workshop “Network Analysis in Law”

In conjunction with JURIX 2015: The 28th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems 9-11 December 2015, Braga, Portugal

More and more (para-) legal data become available in electronic form, either from the official, authoritative sources (governments, public administrations, courts, notaries, but also possibly banks, insurance companies, etc.) or from third parties like (commercial) publishers, NGO’s, and universities. This may concern sources of law – statutes, case law, treaties – criminology and criminalistic data, statistical data on law application, etc. This opens up new opportunities for research into the collection and interlinking, descriptive and predictive analysis, and visualization of these collections of legal data. One of the techniques for doing this kind of research is network analysis, but others are needed to create the networks and to visualize them. The NAiL workshops are intended as a forum for discussion of these research ideas and developments.
Submissions will be subject to a light review process on appropriateness for this call, originality of the research described and technical quality. Submission of papers of around 3000 words should be done through Easychair at:

Accepted papers will be published in pre-proceedings. Selected papers will be published in extended form in, either as a special issue of a journal or as a volume of the Series “Law Science Technology” (ESI) after another review round.

Important Dates
Submission due: November 8th 2015
Accept/Reject notification: November 22nd 2015
NAiL2014 Workshop: December 9th 2015

Organisation Committee
Radboud Winkels, Leibniz Center for Law, Netherlands
Nicola Lettieri, University of Sannio Law School, Italy
Dr. Radboud G.F. Winkels
Leibniz Center for Law
PO Box 1030
1000 BA Amsterdam
winkels at uva.nl

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