4th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and IP law AIIP

in conjunction with JURIX 2015: The 28th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems
9-11 December 2015, Braga, Portugal

workshop website:

After the success of the previous AIIP conferences, AIIP IV will again bring together researchers in copyright law and copyright enforcement with experts in AI and law. A particular focus this year will be on the concept of “story”. Stories play an important role in copyright in many ways: First, they are of course a typical subject of copyright law. Can we (and do we need) to represent the concept of “story” computationally when we formalise legal reasoning in the copyright domain? AI approaches to the law of evidence have recently realised the importance of “storytelling” and narrative accounts of reasoning with facts in law. Can we learn from this for copyright litigation and enforcement? Story-telling also plays an important role in educating about copyright, in particular children and young adults, through examples, short films or images. Can AI, or computer technology in general, support this type of teaching about copyright? Finally, one way to read the highly complex “standard terms and conditions” in copyright licensing is as a selection of dystopian stories: these are the things that can (and will) go wrong. Can we use story-based computational approaches to help laypeople (or computers) to “make sense of” these often highly technical contracts?

While we particularly encourage papers in the intersection between copyright, AI and storytelling, all contributions to the discussion on AI and copyright law are welcome. Possible topics include:

  • “intelligent” DRM systems and copyright regulation through computer code.
  • formal models of copyright law and legislation.
  • information retrieval for copyright, trademark or patent registers
  • e-discovery for IP litigation.
  • decision support systems for IP law.
  • intelligent compliance support systems for copyright protected assets.
  • intelligent software supported mediation support for IP disputes.

Extended abstracts of not more than 1000 words should be send to Burkhard Schafer, b.schafer@ed.ac.uk

Best paper award
TrademarkNow is sponsoring the Best Paper Award for the best presentation delivered at the workshop, and a Best Newcomer award for the best student paper. To be considered for the second award please indicate in your submission if your main author is a student (undergraduate or postgraduate)

Important Dates
Submission due: November 6th 2015
Accept/Reject notification: November 11nd 2015
AIIPP Workshop: December 9th 2015

Organisation Committee
Burkhard Schafer, SCRIPT Centre, University of Edinburgh
Anna Ronkainen, Trademarknow Ltd
Tom Gordon, Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS), Berlin

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