IAAIL Executive Committee Announces Venue for ICAIL 2017

The International Association for AI and Law is delighted to announce that the sixteenth edition of its conference, ICAIL 2017, will be held in London, United Kingdom.
King’s College London (KCL) will be the host for the conference. KCL is one of England’s oldest universities and is located in the heart of London. The University has a distinguished reputation in Law and Computer Science research and teaching. The conference will be held at KCL’s Strand campus, which lies in London’s legal district near to the Royal Courts of Justice that house both the High Court and the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, and the Inns of Court, which houses the professional associations for barristers in England and Wales. London offers a huge array of attractions within walking distance of the Strand campus.

ICAIL 2017 is scheduled to take place during the week of June 12th - 16th, 2017. The main conference officials will be:
Conference Chair: Jeroen Keppens, KCL, United Kingdom.
Program Chair: Guido Governatori, NICTA, Australia.
Secretary-Treasurer: Anne Gardner, Atherton, California, United States.

The conference program will comprise a variety of related events, including, amongst other things, workshops, tutorials, a mentoring program and a doctoral consortium. The IAAIL Executive Committee was highly impressed with the proposal put forward by KCL and is very much looking forward to the conference coming to this vibrant location.

The website for the conference is now live (showing the fantastic view of London that can been seen from KCL’s Strand campus) and this will be enriched in the coming months with more detailed information: http://nms.kcl.ac.uk/icail2017/

We look forward to seeing many of you in London in June 2017!

With best wishes on behalf of the IAAIL Executive Committee,

Katie Atkinson, University of Liverpool, IAAIL President
Bart Verheij, University of Groningen, IAAIL Vice President
Anne Gardner, Atherton, California, IAAIL Secretary-Treasurer


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